Jack O’ Lantern (NES Techdemo)

Jack O’ Lantern is a simple techdemo for NES by RG59. The program shows a pumpkin in random colours and plays music. It might be a bit late for Halloween now and these news should have been published a week ago, but better late than never.

Jack O' Latern (NES)

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Star Chaser (20-09-2015) (Genesis Game)

Star Chaser is yet another homebrew by Sik. This Genesis game supports up to four players at the same time, who need to chase an randomly appearing star on the playing field. What sounds simple, can be rather fun and should not be underestimated. Only downside is that the game has no sound at the moment, but this might change if the coder can find a musician.

Star Chaser (Ingame) (Genesis)

Star Chaser AI
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Miniplanets (Genesis Game Demo)

Miniplanets is a new Genesis/Megadrive game in development by German developer Sik. This arcade type game contains stages 1-1 to 1-9 for now. The video below pretty much shows the game play and we are happily looking forward to enjoy the full game.

Miniplanets (Genesis/Mega Drive)

Miniplanets - Title and gameplay
Watch this video on YouTube.

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QMidiArp v0.6.3.0 (Pandora Application Port)

QMidiArp is an arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO for ALSA and JACK. For further information on general function please refer to the qmidiarp manual page. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Latest stable release.
– Updated sources.

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UFO – Alien Invasion v2.6.0.05 (Pandora Game Port)

UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical strategy games in the spirit of the X-Com. It is built on top of a heavily modified iD Tech 2 engine. This game is slow as it has to use swap files!

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Cosmic PI (WIP #5 Week) (Genesis Game)

Developer orlanrod currently works on his game Cosmic PI. It’s a two player action-adventure game, with a comical tone. A galactic organization called the Lawful Eyes are investigating a major case in the metropolis of Redium, that is under chaos from creatures calling themselves the Slush. They are tasked in uncovering information that might lead to the source of their origins.

Cosmic PI (Genesis) (Title Screen)

News update:

Log week # 5

This week, i spent a little bit of time on the game design document. But mostly i am having some physical issues with my upper abdominal area, which is giving me recurring shortness of breath and low blood pressure. No health insurance (America) so, i am going to slow down from time to time, and work on my good days. But, i will indeed continue progress. Although, i am not going to bump the thread for this week.

Any who, see you guys next week hopefully with more progress.

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DeaDBeeF v0.7.0.15 (Pandora Application Port)

DeaDBeeF by Alexey Yakovenko and contributors is an open source music player supporting dozens of formats and is available for plenty of systems.


* save current playlist at each change of track
* fixed a segfault when refreshing covert arts.

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Mega Man 2 v3.0 (Master System Tech Demo)

A somewhat crazy but interesting project is the aim to recreate Mega Man 2 for the Sega Master System. Brazil developer gvx32 has put a lot of efforts into this already. All eight levels can be displayed and music is playing. Currently gvx32 works on a meta sprites to sprites function. Adjusting more music to FM. Another update might take a while.

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Palettician (02-11-2015) (NES Application)

Palettician by RG59 is an app that you can run on emulators and real hardware. You can configure all 25 colors while displaying them in real time. This will be useful for artists and designers.

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KrzysioPlayer (NES misc)

KrzysioPlayer is a hardware NSF player based on real 6502 from Famiclone (UA6527P). The use case is simple: record your favourite NSF files onto SD/MMC cart, insert it into device’s slot, choose the one you want to play with user-friendly interface (buttons & LCD) and listen to the REAL HARDWARE nsf music. The device is capable of playing up to 128 kB NSF Files.

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