Alien Isolation (2019-12-24) (WIP) (NES Game)

Alien Isolation is a WIP game for NES by sdm.

Release notes:

Code written at the beginning of 2019 (NESASM3, MMC1). I played with a code in which the opponent has a field of view. The code has bugs that I can’t fix and is simply badly designed, so it’s currently only a curiosity to play. In general, we control a player who must collect all the keys on several screens. We must avoid a Alien who can see and hear us. Small squares flying out of an Alien are his visualized field of view. The big square is the place where the Alien saw / heard us for the last time. The player has three walking modes: Standard (slightly affects the behavior of the Alien), running (Alien hears us) and sneaking (slow, but the Alien, unless he sees us, is unable to hear us). There are broken glasses on the ground that make a loud sound when we walk / run on them. Wooden crates protect us from Alien who cannot kill us there (When he chases us and we hide, after a while he will get bored and leave.)

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8bitworkshop v3.5.0

Are you a developer? 8bitworkshop now supports ColecoVision, MSX, Sega Master System, Bally Astrocade, and Atari 7800!

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WiiColEm v0.3 (Coleco Vision emu for Wii)

WiiColEm is a port of the ColEm ColecoVision emulator developed by Marat Fayzullin. Raz0red gave the Wii port some love again, after only eight years.

WiiColEm 0.3 + ColecoVision Homebrew
Watch this video on YouTube.


* Updated to latest version of ColEm (4.8)
o Super Game Module (SGM) emulation
o 24c08 and 24c256 EEPROM emulation
* Display enhancements
o Double strike (240p)
o GX+VI mode
o 16:9 correction
o Full widescreen support
o Ability to enable/disable bilinear filter (GX mode)
o Color trap filter
* Hierarchical file navigation support
* SMB (Network support) for loading ROMs
* Multi-save slot support
* Support for launching via WiiFlow (and returning)
* Updated to latest versions of devkitPPC (r35) and libogc (1.8.23)

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Newo Asteroids v3 (Wii Game)

Newo Asteroids by Owen is a game made in the style of classic Asteroids. In 2064 on a Wednesday, aliens disturb the asteroid belt sending asteroids hurdling towards the earth. It is your job to destroy every last asteroid in the solar system and bring peace to the galaxy.


* New and Improved Graphics, effects, explosions, more colour options, 60fps
* New in game story by Mr. Reaper (@tinyvast)
* Balanced difficulty modes and weapons, more enemies on hard mode
* Added a new enemy ship: shielded scout
* Added a new weapon: wave shot (+ acheivements)
* General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

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Bastion (Atari Lynx Demo)

Bastion by PriorArt is an impressive 3D Demo for Atari Lynx, released at Silly Venture 2019.

Atari Lynx demo "Bastion", Sillyventure 2019, PriorArt
Watch this video on YouTube.

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The Devil’s Show (Atari Lynx Demo)

At Silly Venture 2019 the guys and girls from Dentifrice brought us The Devil’s Show, a brand new demo for the Atari Lynx.

The Devil's Show by Dentifrice (Atari Lynx demo) 1080p50
Watch this video on YouTube.

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dasm v2.20.12 (misc)

dasm is a versatile macro assembler with support for several 8-bit microprocessors including MOS 6502 & 6507, Motorola 6803, 68705 & 68HC11, Hitachi HD6303 (extended Motorola 6801), and Fairchild F8.

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No Time (Atari Lynx Demo)

At Silly Venture 2019 the guys and girls from New Generation brought us No Time, a brand new demo for the Atari Lynx.

No Time by New Generation (Atari Lynx demo)
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Santa’s Sprint (2019-12-24) (WIP) (Atari 2600 Game)

KevKelley developed a tiny game for his son called Santa’s Sprint. More fixes might be coming.

Player 1 is Santa. He has to get the present under the tree and then get back to the fireplace (pressing the fire button to get back up). Player 2 is a trap set up by those pesky children. Player 2 has to touch Santa and press the fire button to trap him.

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Hungry Birds (Source Code) Game Boy Game)

Hungry Birds by oshf was made in 48 Hours for the #ZGBJAM2 game jam. The source code is now public via GitHub since four days, making it an open source game.

Mother bird has appeared with a bevy of delicious worms for her three chicks. Unfortunately, she has also collected not so delicious rocks. Help the hungry chicks devour worms while avoiding eating rocks.

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