Video: NES Programming #2 – Moving Code out of the VBLANK Interrupt (NES misc)

In this second episode of NES Programming Michael Chiaramonte moves code out of the VBLANK interrupt into the main execution loop.

NES programming #2 - Moving code out of the VBLANK interrupt
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SDL-Switch v0.2-1.2.15 (Switch misc Port)

nop90 is known for many Nintendo 3DS homebrew game ports and for porting libSDL to the Nintendo 3DS. He updated his libSDL to the Nintendo Switch!

Release notes:

– Added 8bpp 16bpp and 24bpp video mode
– Added touch screen handling (mapped to mouse events)
– Added automatic download an install of SDL_image SDL_gfx SDL_TTF and SDL_Mixer

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Unnamed Genesis Game v2018.02.28 by Mikael Tillander (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Mikael Tillander published another screenshot of his upcoming yet unnamed Genesis game.


All this talk about the game being reminiscent of shadow of the beast made me go Roger Dean on it’s arse! I think I’ll roll with it, actually. 🙂 Would be a nice tribute? #sega #megadrive #genesis #pixelart #gamedev

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Space Game NX v0.5 (Nintendo Switch Game)

vgmoose ported his game Space Game NX to the Nintendo Switch. It’s a simple shooter game. The gameplay video is from the WII U version, but plays same.

Wii U Homebrew - 5.5.1 Browser Exploit - Space Game
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Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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The Assembly Line: An NES Homebrew Podcast – Episode #6 (NES misc)

The Assembly Line is a NES homebrew podcast started by Sole Goose Productions and Kevin. They cover a variety of theoretical topics, feature a central game under review, have guest interviews with folks, and also showcase some music.


Episode 6: Alter Ego by Shiru!

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Useless Homebrew v1.0.1 (Nintendo Switch misc)

This is a port of the Useless Homebrew written by Rydian for the DS. It tries to mimic a “useless machine” that has a switch. Press “A” to switch the machine on and see what happens. The screenshot is from the pegaswitch version.

Thanks to Nintendomax for the news.

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Hamsters NX v1.0 (Nintendo Switch Game)

Hamsters NX is a breeding of Hamsters game in text mode in French language for the Nintendo Switch by Cid2mizard.

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pFBA v1.5 (Arcade emu for Nintendo Switch)

cpasjuste updated his port of pFBA (portable Final Burn Alpha) for the Nintendo Switch. FB Alpha is an Arcade and Console emulator.



* add hardware scaling and rotation, big improvement in frame-rate.
* fix scaling and rotation in any mode (horizontal, vertical, flipped)
* add save state support
* fix some random crashes
* fix input change/mapping in configuration menu
* add input names in configuration menu (textures to come)
* add joystick support (basic, handled as buttons for now)
* add rotation information in rom info box
* add crappy audio support (disabled for now)
* add fba version in loading screen
* disabled unused filtering option for now (only linear filtering is available)

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Newo Fox v2018.03.01 (WIP) (Wii Game)

Yet another screenshot for Newo Fox by Owen. Release sometime soon…


For the past week I have just been cleaning up the code and fixing the UI. Had some bugs with leaderboards and the auto-update feature. Currently on beta build 1.08 (for those interested in testing it out early, dm me). #wii #homebrew

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Video: Learn to Code the Sega Genesis (Genesis misc)

Everything you need to get code running on the SEGA Genesis in Part 1 of this new series by GameHut

Will You Code the Next Sonic for SEGA Genesis? I Teach You How #1
Watch this video on YouTube.

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