Meggy Jr RGB News
Super Monkey Kong v1.1 (MJR Game)

The world’s first LED Donkey Kong video game! There have been many raster, vector, VFD, LCD, even ASCII versions, but never LED. The multi-colored LED matrix screen and the AVR microcontroller used here are fairly high tech compared to what existed back in the golden age of electronic video games when folks were coding up Donkey Kong clones left and right. Programmed in C/Arduino for the Meggy Jr RGB, an open sourced DIY 8-bit video game system.

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Invaders v1.01 (MJR Game)

A Space Invaders clone for the MeggyJr.

A timeless clasic in a hand-held format. This version of Space Invaders is the raw vanilla deal. There are bases, invaders, ufo’s and lots of bullets!

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Meggy Jr RGB (MJR misc)

Meggy Jr RGB is a handheld platform for developing your own pixel-scale video games.

Featuring a fully addressable 8×8 RGB LED matrix display, big fat comfy button switches, customizable handles, a lo-fi audio transducer, and even 8 extra LEDs for lives, score, ammo, or level, Meggy Jr RGB is a little kit you won’t want to miss. Meggy Jr is fast, programmable, open source and hackable.

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