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15o.ooo visitor mark crossed! (misc)

I just want to let you know that today, pdroms has been visited more than 15o.ooo times since the reopening on the 20th june. I’d like to thank you all for your support! – Kojote

PS. The magic 1.ooo image file mark will be crossed very soon!

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Database corrections / Filefix (misc)

Holger e-mailed me and Pancid that the GBC Game “Turret Duty” showed an .gif image of the game instead of giving the ZIP file. This problem should be fixed now (thanks for the bug-report). I even added some comments in the database. Last but not least…

I’ve uploaded a new GBA Game called “Pong GBA” – created by Jeferson Rodrigues da Silva (sourcecode included). That’s it so far… Have fun!

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New Image Files! (misc)

NES Additions
Hot Seat Harry by Memblers

Gameboy Color Additions
Peggy by DoxRescue by Dox

Gameboy Advance Additions
BombJack (Sept 2002) by Oscar BraindeaD
Ebooblution v0.1 by Hector Zapata
Racer v2.0 by Premandrake
Retro Run by MikeThe Fallen (Prototype) by The Fallen Team

GP32 Additions
Yet Another Sokoban Clone dr4 by CMOTD

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Small layout addition (misc)

I guess I don’t have to mention what’s new! πŸ™‚ You should notice it if you use Internet Explorer v5 or higher. I think the effect is NOT supported by any other browsers yet, so it will simply NOT be shown if you use anything else than IE. The effect is called “Galaxies” and done by Delax/ Sundancer Inc. which was released at TAP’s 256b intro competition. Here are some links you may find usefull πŸ™‚

Sundancer Inc.
TAP’s 256b.htm Competition

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Downtime :-[ (misc)

Just recieved an e-mail from my internetprovider saying that they had troubles during the night. The page was down for approximately 12 hours. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. – Kojote

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New stuff… (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Kakanoid by InPulSe Team

Playstation 2
Carshowroom by Sjeep
PS2Room by NoRecess
Round 5 by adresd

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Green frogs on a yellow leaf… (misc)

… nope I haven’t gone mad πŸ™‚

Just don’t know how to name the headline πŸ™‚ Have fun…

GP32 Additions
Flipit v0.3 by JyCet
GPicross v0.07 by Yenaphe

Gameboy Advance Additions
Toms 1st GBA Demo by Tom
Toms 2nd GBA Demo (Raster Bar Demo) by Tom

Gameboy Color Additions
Clickomania Alpha by ph0x

PC Engine Additions
Super Fighter Demo by Death Adder

Playstation 2 Additions
1987 by jollytx

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Small Update! (misc)

GP32 Additions
Car Race v1.01 by Pion
Layers by Mr Spiv

Atari Lynx Additions (NEW SECTION!)
Otello by Karri Kaksonen

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Short downtime! (misc)

Today there was a change in the database structure… due to this, many parts of the page (specially the roms) were not avaliable for approximatley three to four hours. I’m sorry for that, everything should work now as it should. If you still notice any non working part of pdroms, please drop me an e-mail! Thank you!

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Assembly 2002 Stuff and more… (misc)

After my vacation, here is the first “real” update πŸ™‚ I promised a few people to add their stuff soon, unfortunatly I was not able to cover everything in this update today… but for now, here is the update report:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Anarchy by Halo (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Beyond The Limits by Vivid Design (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Kilken by Calodox (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Period Of Revolutionary Transform by Matt Current (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
VIT 2 by Unique (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Blowhole v0.90 by Lance Legan
Trix v1.0 by Richard Heasman

GP32 Additions
WonderBoi32 v0.052 by Rattboi
Ye Fly The Chopper v0.9 by Pion
U-Book v0.2b by Don Miguel

Gameboy Color Additions
Childs Play by CNCDDemotronic by 1.000.000 Boys

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