Qtractor v0.5.11.7 (Pandora Application Port)

Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt4 framework. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Compiled Invada plugins, included IR again.
– Updated libsuil and liblilv to latest version, plugins with GUI work now.
– Updated previews.

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Backup Saved Games (BGS) v0.2.3.1 (Pandora Application)

Backup Saved Games (BGS) by ekianjo is a small application which will check the presence of saved games for a number of set emulators and native games, and save them all together for you, automatically, in a single-file archive on your SD Card.


* support for Mooboy gameboy emulator added.

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Pandora Image Viewer (PIV) v0.2.0.0 (Pandora Application)

Pandora Image Viewer (PIV) by Jon Sneyers is a simple and fast image viewer.


– Bugfixes: zoom offset jumps, robustness issues,
zoom out from 1:1
– Select images with ENTER and perform actions on them
– Higher resolution: can deal with images up to 38400×23040 (was: 6400×3840) if memory permits, can load huge JPEGs now, fall-back to scaled versions
– On-screen display with 3 detail levels (off/minimal/concise/full Exif info)
– Help screen (H)
– View rotation (A=counterclockwise,B=clockwise)
– Rotate JPEG files losslessly
– Shows something while loading big JPEGs
– “Sticky” 1:1 zoom: press 1 twice to make it the default

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mooBoy v0.2.1.3 (GBC emu for Pandora)

mooBoy by mrz is an open source Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for Pandora, still in beta phase. The compatibility rate is high, but there is still place for improvement.


– Fixed glitches in Alfred’s Adventure, Chuck Rock
– Fixed RTC progressing day one hour late
– Fixed sound problems in Casper
– Savestates, SRAMs and configfiles are now placed in the appdata dir, not alongside the ROM anymore
– Speed factor selectable
– Speed improvements
– Double buffering enabled

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PicoDrive v1.91 (Genesis emu for GP2x, Wiz and Caanoo)

PicoDrive is a Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD / Mega CD / 32X / SMS emulator.


Release notes by notaz:

This should run on GP2X/Wiz/Caanoo, but I’ve only tested this on GP2X and Caanoo. The main change is that SegaCD compatibility issues should be resolved now. 32X compatibility has been improved too, but it’ll be too slow on GPH consoles. I don’t know if/when I can optimize 32X, although it should be possible to improve it still.

From what I see there is not much action on these boards any more, I guess everyone moved on to one of the gazillion Android devices that are available these days.. If anyone still uses this on their GPH consoles (especially on good old GP2X), it would be nice if you posted here so that I know if it’s worth building future PD releases for GPH consoles or not.

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GMU Music Player v0.9.1 (GCWZ Application Port)

Gmu is an open source music player. Gmu supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, Musepack, FLAC and various module formats (such as s3m, stm, it, etc.). It also includes a playlist and a file browser. radon86 compiled it for the GCW Zero.


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ReGBA (Alpha 9) (GBA emu for GCWZ)

ReGBA by Nebuleon is a Game Boy Advance emulator based ultimately on gpSP 0.9 by Exophase. The project is currently in alpha. This build is a preview for your consideration. Some features are missing and will be coded later. You can also submit patches on GitHub.

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Ms Snake v1.0 (A2600 Game)

Yet another Snake game for the Atari VCS. mad4j comes up with Ms. Snake!

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ChipOff (19-09-2013) (A2600 Game)

ChipOff by Random Terrain is a simple breakout-style program that uses the joystick instead of the paddles to chip off the old blocks. When the program starts, move the joystick left or right to choose between 3 ball sizes. Press up for the regular paddle and down for the larger paddle. Press the fire button to start.

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Katamari (05-07-2013) (A2600 Game)

The Katamari Prince has been set out to roll up objects and make new planets for the Katamari King who’m feels lonely in the empty universe, the impatient and unhappy Katamari King can’t wait, you have to do it now! Right away! And since the Katamari King is so sad the Katamari Prince is forced to play the Katamari King’s favorite game – Dodge the lightnings. So set out, dear Katamari Prince, make the Katamari King happy! This game by Rabbit 2600 is still in development, motivate the coder so he goes on with his nice work!

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