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Pandora Preview Video (Pandora misc)

EvilDragon has released a rendered preview video of the Pandora. It’s not the actual model (and the keyboard is just a preview and doesn’t have anything to do with the real keyboard).


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Pandora PBC v2 picture – more is more (Pandora misc)

Craig has posted another Pandora PBC picture, this time in version 2, titled “More is more”.

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Possible Pandora Logos (Pandora misc)

A long and heavy thread is going on on with plenty of “Logo” suggestions for the Pandora.

The logo above is just an illustration which is a personal decision from Kojote out of those > 10 logos, shown in that thread. It does not mean it will ever become official.

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Pandora PCB picture released (Pandora misc)

As the Pandora is getting more and more shape, we at PDRoms decided to add this section to our archives.

Here is a picture of the PCB – it’s something real, it’s something to touch! Let’s see when the final “baby” will be born.

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Pandora section open! (Pandora misc)

We are quite late with a Pandora section, the inofficial successor of the GP2x – but now it’s done. The icon for this section is still missing, but we are working on it.

Icon fixed: 24.03.2008 / 04:10

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