The Retro Hour EP152 – The Best of 2018 In Retro (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


2018 – what a year in retro gaming! We look back on some of our favourite moments of the show from the last 12 months, from the backstory on Mortal Monday to the history of Activision, THIS is our best of 2018!

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Peril v2018.11.09.b (Atari 2600 Game)

vhzc currently works on his Atari 2600 / Atari VCS game Peril. Take over a helicopter and guide it intact to the next screen.

Release notes:

* New Beta
* 20 screens
* New boss fight

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JNKPlat 2018 v2018.11.10 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

JNKPlat 2018 by Jayenkai has been released, and is available for Windows, Linux and Nintendo 3DS.
JNKPlat is a retro-styled puzzle platform game.

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Peril v2018.11.03 (Atari 2600 Game)

vhzc currently works on his Atari 2600 / Atari VCS game Peril. Take over a helicopter and guide it intact to the next screen.

Peril WIP homebrew for atari 2600. first 12 screens, link to playable rom in description

Watch this video on YouTube.

Release notes:

Now includes 17 screens and use the 2 playerscores minikernel instead the 6lives in order to show the lives AND the current level/screen. I have changed some sprites and the mechanics for some screens (bigger bullets, slower movement in the eye screen…). Still I have no harmony cart or similar, so I look for testers.

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Monkey King v2018.10.18 (Atari 2600 Game)

Monkey King by Coolcrab is an endless runner with a strategic twist. Made for one or two players, played with the joystick controllers.

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Dino’s Offline Adventure (Game Boy Game)

Dino’s Offline Adventure is an open source Game Boy game by gaming monsters. The game is a rewrite of the modern classic built into Chrome, the web browser. Play a Dinosaur, but don’t let him run into a cactus. Jump early enough to avoid a painful experience.

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Omega Blast v0.9 (Genesis Game)

Japanese Genesis developer Rael / Nendo will pull tears in your eyes right now. Omega Blast is a solid and fresh bullet hell shooter for the Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive. If you adore such games, get started and shoot yourself to the top position.

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Minima v1.1.1 (PICO-8 Game)

Minima is a PICO-8 game by Feneric. It’s an old-school 8-bit Ultima homage, such as they were found on the C128.

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Family Picross (Kickstarter) (NES Game)

Family Picross by Second Dimension is a brand new puzzle game for the NES. It features more than 100 puzzles for hours of entertainment, and an easy password system to let you continue if you only have a few minutes to play.

Family Picross for the Nintendo NES

Watch this video on YouTube.

‏The game is 100% FINISHED. and this campaign is to raise funds for a full production run of physical copies! The risk things go wrong is very little with this Kickstarter.

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PDRoms Server Donation – November 2018 (misc)

Need a good feeling? Keep the servers running and donate a few spare cents! Thanks in advance.

PayPal: shahzad (dot) sahaib (at) web (dot) (TLD Germany)
IBAN/BIC: on request

Thanks & Regards
Kojote & Team

Donators in November 2018: Douglas Barry
Donators in October 2018: –
Donators in September 2018: –
Donators in August 2018: –
Donators in July 2018: –
Donators in June 2018: Douglas Barry
Donators in May 2018: Robert Lischke
Donators in April 2018: Herve Piton and Douglas Barry!
Donators in March 2018: Ringo and Douglas Barry!

Thanks everyone!

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