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PSX CHIP8 v1 (CHIP8 interpreter for PSX)

Developer “Nextvolume” got in touch with us to let us know that he made a Chip8 interpreter for Sony’s very first Playstation. It comes bundled with a couple of Freeware Chip8 games, so you can directly try out everything. He used his own SDK, PSXSDK. There are some minor flaws on real hardware but nothing major.

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NickToons Racing Pal Multi 6 (PSX misc)

Cracktro/PAL 2 NTSC patch for the PSX game “NickToons Racing” by “Undercover Agents”.

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PocketStation Save Manager (16-11-2009) (PSX Application)

PocketStation Save Manager will allow you to upload any PocketStation Save file (.bin or .gme) from CD to your PocketStation.

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Presswurst Playstation (PSX Game)

Metalvotze have released a rather ordinary and pervert game for the classic Playstation. You have been warned…

It’s a game where you have to “fill” the toilet. No more to say on this.

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aGBe WIP News (GB emu for PSX)

aGBe is a Gameboy emulator for the Playstation 1 (PS2 compatibel). The official aGBe homepage has been updated with these WIP news:

After 6 months of idling, this project has been picked up again, it’s still in the development phase. There’s a lot of things that still need to be adressed before this will be a fully functional emulator. It’s not that easy to do, because of the PlayStation aspect and the fact that I’m only working on this in my spare time (which for the last 6 months has been non-existant). But at any rate, in the spirit of Dev’ing, I’m sure there will be a lot of support and interest in the project, and I’ll need a lot of help with the testing. (There is NO beta yet, calm down!). There will be time in the near future to get all your features in, but don’t expect miracles! (just yet). I will be releasing the src after my development time is done.. (until I can’t work on it any more). And I’m also looking for *experienced* psx programmers if they would like to help out. Please use the forums responsibly, and try not to get yourself all hyped up, because i dont know when the first release will be. But I’ll be sure to keep thestatus posted as often as possible. Special thanks go out to [vEX] and justice7. – gxd (main programmer)

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