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PktPing v0.4.0 (Symbian OS Application)

PktPing is a ping utility for Symbian S60.

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OpenGPX v0.2.0 (Symbian OS Application)

OpenGPX is an application for paperless Geocaching for S60 mobiles and optionally on Windows/Linux machines. It’s written in Python and uses several additional modules (python-gtk for Win32/Linux and python for S60 for mobiles).

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Idealist (28-11-2008) (Symbian OS Application)

Using Idealist you can easily drag and drop events, stretch the time they take and change the order in which they take place.

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S60 HTML Editor v0.7 (Symbian OS Application)

S60 HTML Editor is a simple but useful editor for HTML code on Symbian smartphones. Write and edit your HTML pages directly on your smartphone!

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symwiki v1.0 (Symbian OS Application)

SymWiki is a personal Wiki application for Symbian S60 devices. It supports a subset of emacs-wiki syntax. It is written in Python for S60, so it runs on every platform where Pys60 runs.

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Escarpod v1.10 (Symbian OS Application)

Escarpod is a podcatcher for cell phones that run the Symbian operating system.

Presently Escarpod is only available for the UIQ graphical environment. This includes all newer phones in the Sony Ericsson P-, M- and G-series, as well as W950 and W960 and Motorola Z8 and Z10. See supported phones below for a list of phones Escarpod is known to work on.

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Wordmobi v0.3.5 (Symbian OS Application)

S60 client for wordpress written in Python for Nokia mobile phones, helping you to manage your blog while saving time and bandwidth. Common blog operations, like posting, approve comment, post delete, comments visualization, for instance, are possible using Wordmobi.

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Jomtris v1.51 (Symbian OS Game)

Jomtris is a “tetris” style of casual game. You handle and remove dropping 4-tile pieces as long as possible and that’s it. One game session should take max 5-10 minutes.

The playing field is vertical 10×20 square field, there are different 4-tile pieces dropping down from top and you have to fit them nicely at the bottom. All full rows are removed, to give you some more space to arrange tiles.


Fix: background graphics found with .pyc file

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Super Fighter Block Battle (Symbian OS Game)

Super Fighter Block Battle is an addictive action puzzle game for mobile phones. Picking up where the story of Super Fighter left off, the game features challenging puzzles to solve – all while enduring the heat of supercharged street brawls!

Developed by Super Fighter Team, Super Fighter Block Battle is a freeware game that is available for free download. Exciting features include story and practice modes, progress saving, a two player Bluetooth face-off and individual character endings!

Thanks to my old friend Brandon Cobb / Super Fighter Team for the direct, fresh and hot news 🙂

PS: Where is the GBA version? 😉

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Pys60 v1.9.0 (Symbian OS misc)

The Python programming language for S60 mobile phones. This release runs on S60 3rd edition, S60 3rd edition FP1, S60 3rd edition FP2 and S60 5th edition devices.

The release includes:

– Self signed device binaries for S60 3rd Ed and S60 3rd Ed FP2 (which will work even on S60 3rd Ed FP1 and S60 5th Ed devices respectively).
– Installer for Windows platform that includes
—– Getting started guide
—– PyS60 runtime sis
—– PythonScriptShell sis
—– Application packaging tool with GUI and README
—– Python HTML documentation updated with S60 module reference
– Archive package for Linux/Mac that includes
—– PyS60 runtime sis
—– PythonScriptShell sis
—– Application packaging tool with README
—– Python HTML documentation updated with S60 module reference
– Python source code
– OpenSSL source code
– PyQt source code


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