Her Sovereign Virus is a Game Boy game by David Frankel, Vivekanand Vimal, Quin Kennedy and The Party Skeleton. The game itself is part of the bitbitJam #3 competition.

60,000 years ago, during great turmoil, Her Royal Highness Princess the First, left her father’s Kingdom to conquer Humankind. Now you play as a blessed descendant of Her Sovereign Virus, bred over centuries to be a perfect assailant.

You must navigate the bustling inner fortresses of the barbaric human-kind, avoiding demise in the face of their immunity, while feeding on their helpless plump cells. Once you infiltrate the nervous system, their fate is sealed, and your righteous duty is fulfilled!

Groundbreaking 3-dimensional gameplay for the GameBoy! move in all three directions to avoid threats and search out your ultimate goal: ultimate survival.