Although it was first announced September 2000, Noah Vawter & Brian Whitman are proud to finally present Pushpin, a MIDI synthesizer kit for your Nintendo Game Boy Color. Pushpin converts your Game Boy into a MIDI ready device that you can control from any keyboard, sequencer, or software. It comes as a ROM file you program to any flash cartridge along with simple instructions to build a cable that hooks into the GBC’s Link Port – one end of the cable is a link connector, and the other is a MIDI in.

Pushpin is controllable from every dimension, including 90 MIDI CCs. It’s four channels of multi-timbral retro-video-game perfection. 2 square waves, a noise channel and a programmable wave channel. Each can be tweaked real-time from MIDI Controller messages. It’s a great handheld battery-powered performance tool. Use it with any hardware or software sequencer you choose. Pushpin listens to and interprets MIDI note messages, continuous controllers for every single possible sound parameter of the Game Boy, pitch bend messages, and program changes.

Pushpin requires an actual Game Boy Color. No other Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Light or Game Boy Advance or SP or DS device or any emulator will work due to the hardware requirements.

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