XPMCK is a music (expressed in MML) compiler kit targeted towards various video game systems. It currently supports the following systems:

* Capcom Play System (VGM output)
* Commodore 64
* Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Color
* SEGA Master System
* SEGA Game Gear
* SEGA Genesis

Besides the compiler and its source code, the kit includes playback libraries for all supported systems, as well as examples and brief documentation.


Added support for periodic noise on the GBC (noise counter width change).
Extended the octave range of the GBC noise channel (can now go from octave 1 to octave 9).
Fixed a bug in the Genesis (Z80) playback library where volume macros wouldn’t be turned off properly.
Fixed a bug in the pattern handling in the GBC playback library

Thanks to the author, mic, himself for the news via ICQ.