Anguna is a Gameboy Advance homebrew game created by Nathan Tolbert, featuring art by Chris Hildenbrand.

It is a short but exciting action-adventure game, reminiscant of the original Legend of Zelda.

Anguna includes:

5 dungeons and a large overworld to explore
Multiple weapons and items including: a sword, bow & arrows, bear traps, dynamite, lantern, magic boots, and more
Many hidden rooms, secrets, and powerups
Lots of interesting enemies and boss monsters

Anguna is available as a free download. To play it, you will either need to play it on a gameboy advance emulator, such as Visual Boy Advance, or write it to a writable gameboy cartridge. Alternatively, you can download a windows installer from here which includes everything you need to play Anguna on windows.

For those that are interested in obtaining a physical cartridge of Anguna to play on their Gameboy Advance, please contact the author, and for the price of the writable cartridge (which varies between $10 and $15 dollars, depending on what is available) plus shipping. It will be written to a cartridge and sent to you.


-fixed room in desert dungeon where you could walk off the top of the screen using boots
-fixed issue where exiting overworld areas diagonally didn’t
transition to next area
-removed tree with missing trunk from overworld
-fixed random pixel palette swapping in main menu when you toggle between new game/continue
-added collision at south end of large river, to avoid walking off edge of world
-enemy database now clears when new game selected

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