James Monkman aka Heavy Stylus, editor and owner of RGCD.co.uk – has added one more GBA homebrew in real cartridge form to his shop. Everything is sold on a non commercial, non profit base.

Here are the news:

Paradise Games and RGCD Present the Christmas Double Pack!
29th November 2007 by James Monkman

Paradise Games and RGCD have teamed to present you with a seasonal GBA special; our Christmas Double Pack!

For the last couple of years, Ian and the rest of the Paradise team have entered the Christmas game development competition hosted by www.drunkencoders.com, winning the competition in 2005, and being unfairly placed at a considerably lower position in 2006. After playing their games extensively I had a brainwave; perhaps Paradise Games would be interested in working with RGCD to create some sort of Christmas-themed compilation for our readers? A few emails later and the Paradise/RGCD Christmas Double Pack GBA cart was born.

So what do you get for the bargain UK POUNDS 5.50 price tag? Limited to 50 copies, the double-pack (which is a deliberately erroneous title as the cart actually includes a third hidden game..!) contains both Santa’s Chimney Challenge and Santa’s Skidoo Scarper; arguably the best Christmas themed releases to grace the GBA platform. Visit the Shop and buy your copy today!