Codename Hacker is a puzzle game, originally from the Atari Lynx.

Chip would do anything for Melinda the Mental Marvel. More than anything because he wanted to join Melinda’s exclusive computer club – the Bit Busters. So you can imagine how Chip felt when Melinda sat down next to him in the school cafeteria and offered him membership… on one condition.

Take control of Chip as he does some heavy interfacing with a few interesting puzzles. Melinda will monitor your progress as you enter and work your way through 149 levels of challenging maze-like paths and puzzles. Once you accept the challenge, there’s no escape. Monsters, traps and the ticking of the clock all conspire to delete you before a level is completed.

You must ram blocks of soil together to create bridges over water traps, or use them as buffers against cherry bombs. Invisible partitions will impede your progress. Coloured keys will open doors that kead to other keys that will open still more doors! To make it through, you must keep puzzle sequences stored in your memory.

Most levels have a specific number of chips that you must collect before you can progress to the next level. Sometimes you must snatch those chips from under the very noses of deadly bugs who are just aching to take a byte out of you!

Well Chip, are you still up for the challenge? You can’t get that Bit-Busters T-shirt out of your system, can you? OK buddy, make tracks for level one of Chip’s Challenge!