Jess Ragan has updated his Gameboy Advance version of the game Gorf.

From Wikipedia ( ):

Gorf is an arcade game released in 1981 by Midway Mfg., whose name was advertised as an acronym for “Galactic Orbiting Robot Force”. It is a multiple-mission fixed shooter with five distinct modes of play, essentially making it five games in one. It is well-known for its use of synthesized speech, a new feature at the time.

Gorf’s objective is simply to destroy all enemies. The player controls a spaceship that can move slowly left, right, up and down.

Release notes:

The latest beta (as well as one of the last) is available from this link.

This is extremely close to completion. I may add an extended credits screen and a more elaborate explosion for the player’s last ship, but aside from that no new features will be included. This is the end of the road for the design, past bug fixes. Please play this, share it with friends, and spread it around a bit. I want as many people to get their hands on this as possible! Also, if someone would post about this on Digital Press, I’d appreciate it.