Here are news from Heavy Stylus!

With Grumpy Cat & DHG’s help and authorisation, RGCD have produced a limited quantity of Thrust Advance and Motocross Challenge cartridges and are selling them at cost price via our shop ( Info cut and pasted from website follows:

“RGCD have teamed up with some of the best homebrew developers to bring you the RGCD cart project – top GBA homebrew games on cartridge, sold at cost price and in very limited quantities. Our first cart release was Grumpy Cat’s awesome ‘Thrust Advance’, a tribute to the Firebird classic of old and quite probably one of the best examples of quality retro gaming available for Nintendo’s single-screen handheld.

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Following that, our second release is a game that a lot of you have been waiting for… RGCD and DHG Games present the authorised cartridge release of RGCD #02’s featured game; Motocross Challenge!

Originally planned as a commercial GBA release, Motocross Challenge had been in development for three years by relatively small indie developer DHG. In 2006 they signed the game to what they describe on their website as “a very big and international publisher that shall remain unnamed”. After a further six months of solid work, the game was finally completed in February 2007 – yet while it was in final testing the publisher decided that the GBA market wouldn’t support enough sales of a non-licensed game to make releasing it worthwhile. The project was thereafter cancelled, despite just needing to be written to a cartridge, stuck in a box and shipped to the shops.

Without the necessary resources to port the game to another platform and with a strong desire to actually let someone play the damn thing, DHG made the amicable decision to host their opus for download from their website. However, following our glowing review of the game, we at RGCD thought that this outstanding title should be given the proper cartridge release that it deserves. So with DHG Games’ authorisation we’ve created a limited batch of MXC cartridges for you to buy and plug into your GBA, SP, Micro or DS!

For the small sum of £8.50 (including P&P), MXC can be yours to own today. As per RGCD’s other cart releases, MXC is strictly limited to less than 100 carts.

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(Please note that MXC now has a (limited) save function; the game saves your last achieved password in the cart’s SRAM, saving you the bother of having to write down codes after each game. Bonus! Also, there is a reason this cart is for sale for considerable more than the usual price – DHG requested that we send them 20 carts in order for us to proceed with this cartridge project, and clearly the money to buy those had to come from somewhere… However, when you take into consideration that this was originally coded as a commercial game, our budget price tag is still very reasonable.)”

We’re looking to release several more homebrew carts, so if you’ve got a game that you’d like to see released, drop us a line via the website.