While checking some old ports of Deniska, who is known for plenty of game ports to the Playstation Portable, I’ve realized there is a GBA version of “Nicky Boum”.

Gregory Montoir (aka cyx) has written an engine, which allows playing this Amiga 500 classic on Win32 and Gameboy Advance.

The release is from late 2007, but still worth mentioning.


The player controls ‘Nicky’, a little boy who embarks on an adventure through a fantastical land to find an elixir to save his grandfather from a spell cast on him by the evil sorceress Zoldrane.

Nicky can walk, jump, and in an original theme can throw apple cores to defend himself against the monsters occupying the levels. Aside from throwing apple cores, the player can pick up other items to throw at enemies such as bouncy balls and logs. The logs can also be used to build bridges at certain parts of the levels.

Nicky is able to jump on enemies to defeat them, which is often more difficult but lets the monsters drop point items to collect. When jumped on, some enemies such as giant snails will split into multiple smaller versions of themselves.

The game consists of 8 levels based on 4 separate themes including a swamp, dark forest and a castle.