Taiyou released the second beta of Pacoman (Pacman Clone for GBA) 2 days ago. The file is allready avaliable in the GBA/Game section. Here are detailed news taken from Taiyous homepage:

Taiyou Productions’ first game is Pacoman, in homage to the classic PAC-MAN by Namco (as Puckman in 1980). The goal of this project isn’t just creating a game from scratch, also making it to be more close to the original game’s spirit. There will be some differences from Namco’s one of course, but Taiyou Productions is trying to respect Namco’s original work. Of course Taiyou Productions will not earn a cent from this project, our only goal is to learn and improve our programming, making something fun to play at the same time. Pacoman is now in its second public version: BETA B 20021003, compiled October 3rd, 2002. We have reached to a point when the entire game is playable (including 5 levels! with increasing difficult!). Now you can save your own hi-scores too! The only thing that this version lacks from the final version is the sound.