Dewit has updated PocketNES, a NES emulator for Gameboy Advance (also compatible to the Nintendo DS).

Release notes:

Major bugfixes:
* Fixed the bug where the SRAM went back in time after entering the UI
* Fixed sprite collision when games don’t update the sprite tables every frame (Bomberman 2 works again)
* Fixed a bug which may have caused sram corruption

No longer broken from alphas:
* Added the punchout hack back in
* Re-added PPU hack
* Re-added cheat finder

Minor bugfixes:
* Fixed a cheat finder bug (kept old cheats active after changing games)
* Fixed bug where savestates did not load correctly from previous alphas

* Changed IRQs for Mapper 69 [FME-7], (Mr. Gimmick, Return of the Joker…)
* Savestates now save sound information