PocketNES is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the Gameboy Advance.


* Palette updater fixed, no longer writes out of bounds
* Duck Tales Fix (supports changing 8×8 sprite origin between left and right pattern table per scanline)
* ‘dirty tiles’ system for CHR-RAM games
* Different code for updating the sprites
* These two together fix sprite glitches in Battletoads, Wizards and Warriors 3, and more.
* Also a buggy and broken dirty tile system for CHR-ROM games
* New per-scanline scrolling code fixes Slalom, horribly breaks Rad Racer
* sprite visibility per-scanline buffer updated in sync with rest of buffers
* Fixed a little bug which caused harmless extraneous memory writes
* Yes it’s really buggy. Has a new ‘new frame’ system which fails in lots of games.