POWDER is a roguelike developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA), but also available for NDS and Windows.


From external testing, reworked tutorial to make it a bit more friendly.
Dig no longer has force bolt as prereq, mana cost reduced to 10.
Spell book of utility broken into book of force and book of earth.
You see a scroll of READ ME now properly has the “a”.
Character dump has skill and spell list. (R. Dan Henry)
x, +, * sources used in chararcter dump to show source of intrinsics/spells.
Soul Suckers will no longer try to cast at people they can’t sense.
Amnesia shows up in your intrinsic list and status line.
You can no longer cast spells when suffering from amnesia.
New mob, gold beetles.
When a creature made of X attacks without a weapon in melee a creature vulnerable to X, extra damage is properly applied.
Tamed creatures will not continue to attack newly tamed creatures. (hotpoo)
Items of poison resistance can no longer be poisoned by dipping in a poison potion, you now get Nothing Happens.
Creatures that random poly will not random poly into themselves. Specifically, this prevents chameleons from being polyed as chameleons. (Clare Boothby)
I think the holes to bypass Belweir’s test have been plugged…
I knew I’d scream when I hit the 256th tile. I was thus surprised when it (the signpost) worked so well. Needless to say the Soul Sucker showing up as a floor tile came as a surprise to me – I still had a bug with greater than 256 tile indices for items and monsters!
Surprise now has two rs in three affected messages. (David Damerell)
Fix a display issue where plain robes would report 5 AC when no skills were known. This should have been 3 AC, thereby avoiding the apparent reduction to 4 AC when a skill was learned. The actual effect was correct, just the display, and just the display of items with base ac of 1.
The plural of Guide to Armour is no longer Guide to Armours but the correct Guides to Armour.
Tlosh no longer gets upset at Reclaim Soul being cast. While it can be considered a type of healing (so discouraged), the method of healing is sufficiently grisly that Tlosh approves.
The breathe command provides better results when one is strangled/submerged/breathless.
One new room.