POWDER is a roguelike game. It is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. It uses actual graphic tiles (16×16) rather than the traditional characters. You may wish it didn’t as I drew the tiles and am not an artist.


* Accruements is spelled properly (David Damerell)
* Dove into the tile cache code to try and cleanup various tile errors people have been reporting.
o Double lock fixed that would keep inventory tiles allocated
o Minimap releases its tiles after displaying and has had its maximum cache size unbounded.
o Void and Notile tiles have been special cased to never be freed as if we keep them around damage is mitigated.
o When a tile lock failed I still updated the map with the tile, meaning that if a later alloc succeeded, that tile would be double freed.
o The avatar tile was relocked on every new game, resulting in a slow tile leak. This showed up after over 65,000 continuous games so I really hope no one out there encountered it.
* New intrinsic, Amnesia, stolen from the recent Vanilla Angband implementation. You lose access to all your skills and spells while it is in effect.
* New spell: Soul Suck.
* New monster: The soul sucker. No points for guessing what its spell is.
* New mode: Tutorial. Selecting this from the main screen starts a special tutorial level for training people in basic POWDER gameplay.
* No longer use profanity in the death message if you spent more than a year playing the game.
* You can breathe again has the second e in breathe. (Clare Boothby)
* Blizzard was missing its second round of physical damage
* Sleeping while tired will lead to a deeper sleep. It also will have a chance to clear the tired flag.
* Monsters will not walk onto lava or acid if it will damage them. (hotpoo)
* Monsters will not be generated on squares that harm them
* New flag to prevent monster generation on squares. Also stops it being a target of holes, a target of tele, etc.
* Text for dual wield explains that off weapon must be smaller than main weapon (hotpoo)
* Some groups of monsters now have a leader which they are tame followers of. While following their leader, do not expect them to fight amongst themselves.
* Monsters will cast Force Wall if they know it.