We’ve just recieved news from Heavy Stylus, who made another homebrew game ready for non profit and non commercial sale for GBA’s in REAL CARTRIDGE form. Read on more:

After initially reviewing the game back in RGCD#03 (where it scored a massive 90%) and selling a handful of cheeky pre-release promo carts at the Retro North event, WiDDY of Cosine Systems has finally wrapped up the Reaxion project with a few minor tweaks and I now hold in my palms the finished article – the Reaxion GBA cartridge is here at last!

For the budget price of 7.00 POUNDS (including UK postage) a limited edition cartridge version of Cosine’s most popular homebrew game can be yours, so head over to the RGCD shop now!

(Please note that I’m currently awaiting a new shipment of blank homebrew carts, but I welcome pre-orders and in the unlikely case of any foul-up I guarantee that all money paid will be refunded in full. Also, owners of the pre-release ‘party version’ of the game can send back their carts for a free upgrade – just drop me a message via the contact form).

The Bunzli 2007 Party-Version can be downloaded in the PDRoms-Archive.