Season Stacker is a “dropping puzzle” game for the Gameboy Advance, in which teenage girls, representing signs of the zodiac, duel with the power of the seasons. Tiles are cleared by creating matching groups of four or more in any configuration. As a group of tiles clears, it leaves behind a tile of the next season. Clearing a group of summer tiles creates an autumn tile, and so on, around the cycle of seasons. If all four seasons are cleared in the same combo, the player receives one of twelve different special attacks to help herself out of a jam, or unleash a particularly devastating barrage of blank “garbage” tiles.

This demo version contains four levels, and all of the single-player gameplay found in the full version. The full version will feature a player versus player mode, and three different story modes.

Update 28.03.2008 @ 03:31
I wrote the author an email and found out there is just this demo version existing. Due to public lack of interest, the final version has never been coded.