Aaron Shadis send me an interesting Pacman game he created recently. You don’t have to eat your yellow pills, you’ve to shoot your usual enemies, the ghosts. It’s kinda funny but get’s really hard after a while.

Here a few lines from the readme:

This is my FIRST game on the GBA. The last game I wrote was on the Apple IIe in 1988. (I’ve been busy with other things for a while!) I really wanted to try writing games on the GBA, so I threw together the first things that came to my mind… Pac-Man & Space Invaders. The rest of the game grew from there.

Please reply to my email with any comments, criticisms, or praises about the game. I’d love to hear for you.I have only tested this game with Boycott Advance. If anyone plays it on an actual GBA, let me know how it goes.

Unfortunatly the original author does not have an own hompage, so you can get the file here from PDroms.