Grumpy Cat is now responsible for the second “Thrust” clone on the GBA 😉 The download could be get from

Here are a few lines from the readme:

Grumpy Cat’s “Thrust” is based on the Atari ST version of “Thrust” by Alan Butcher – which is the version I played the most in the 80s. It includes the following:

+ Complete game: intro, info screens, demos, high score table (and the game itself). All 80s style.
+ All 10 missions from the Atari ST version.
+ High scores saved to battery backed RAM.
+ Antialiased sprites and tether.
+ Reverse gravity.
+ Invisible landscape.
+ All-new sound effects.
+ Original Atari ST “Thrust” theme by Rob Hubbard.

My Gameboy Advance has an Afterburner backlight and the color palette has been tuned for high contrast and good AA performance on that screen – that’s why the bullet sprites are white instead of red… red bullets were almost invisible on my screen.

Jeremy C. Smith wrote the original “Thrust” for the BBC Microcomputer. I used the status display and font from his version as I think they look better than the Atari ST version.