Adriano Baglio, the man behind ZoneGN, and creator of the past two “Uranus” shooters for the GBA did it again. Uranus Zero is the biggest homebrewn game I have seen yet, it’s still damn hard to play and probably one of the most impressive freeware games for our all beloved GBA.

Uranus Zero features:

– vertical shoot’em up
– Highscore Online Code
– 64 Mbits
– 8 Stages + boss!
– Boss Mode
– New Story Mode
– Challange Mode
– Fun Mode
– Continues
– 3 selectables characters + 1 hidden characters
– Special Attack & upgradable shoot
– 4 types of sub weapons
– 2 languages ( English & French )
– Hidden Bonus
– Hidden Cheat code

The file is avaliable at the ZoneGN homepage. I’ll add Uranus Zero in the next days.