FBI is an open source file and title manager by Steveice10 for the Nintendo 3DS. Discussion via GBAtemp.

Release notes:

* Clean up various bits of core code.
* Fix font size on CHN/KOR/TWN devices.
* HTTP operations now support gzip/deflate compression, which should reduce bandwidth usage when supported by the server.
* Load file metadata after populating full list. Directories containing a lot of CIAs should populate faster now, although detailed information will not be immediately available for all files until loading has finished.
– File operations for which file metadata is unnecessary should also load faster.
* Modify built-in updater to pull from TitleDB, as GitHub no longer supports TLS versions supported by the 3DS.
* Rewrite TitleDB support.
– Titles can be installed as a 3DSX and/or a CIA, depending on availability.
— Descriptions and categories are displayed in the main TitleDB list, and detailed information is displayed for CIA and 3DSX versions after selecting a title.
– Entries will be blue when a newer version is available. Note that all installed titles will be marked as outdated until installed with version 2.5.0 or later through TitleDB, as the last installed version must be added to the cache.
* All outdated titles can be updated at once by pressing Y in the TitleDB list.
– Basic sorting and filtering options have been added.

A lot of internal changes were made leading up to this release. Make sure to report any glitches and crashes that may have been missed.

Also, the built-in updater should no longer work on versions older than 2.5.0, as GitHub has disabled TLSv1.1 support.