40 Winks is a Nintendo 64 platformer that was cancelled back in 1998 by publisher GT Interactive. Now is ready to release officially by Piko Interactive.

40 Winks Commercial

IIn 1998 GT Interactive commissioned Eurocom to create a game. This game was 40 Winks, also known as Ruff and Tumble in Europe. However, in 1999, due to a slew of bad decisions by GT Interactive, the company lost millions of dollars of revenue. These financial troubles plagued GT Interactive throughout the following two years.

To stay afloat, GT Interactive began downsizing operations and selling popular game franchises. Eventually the financial strain became too much, and they were acquired by Infogrames.

The Infogrames acquisition brought with it shakeups within GT Interactive including, but not limited to, cancelling projects and pressing the “kill” button on other games that were in development.

While 40 Winks was able to see release on the original PlayStation console, the Nintendo 64 port, which was under development around the time Infogrames became involved, was not as lucky. The N64 version of 40 Winks was cancelled and until recently thought to be lost to history and time itself.

Nearly 17 years later Piko Interactive have pulled 40 Winks out of limbo and plan to give it a fair chance to shine on the Nintendo 64.