Dan Weiss aka Dwedit wrote us via E-Mail about his Chu Chu Rocket remake for NES!


There is no sound or music yet.
It does not yet keep track of which levels you have cleared.
Puzzle mode is basically complete.
Stage Challenge mode isn’t finished:
* Missing the 30 second time limit
* The 100 mice and Cat Soccer levels don’t do anything.
There is no multiplayer mode yet.
The layout of screens and such is subject to change. Can anyone design better looking “Stage Cleared!” windows?
* Start or A: Confirm or select something
* B or Select: Cancel or go back
Puzzle Mode:
* A + Arrow: place an arrow, replace an arrow, or pick up an arrow
* B: Take back the latest placed arrow
* Select: Quit, or return to puzzle mode if the game is running.
* Start: Set the game in motion! Also toggles double speed mode while the game is running.
Stage Challenge:
* A + Arrow: place an arrow. You can only have 3 on at a time, and can not place arrows on top of another. Arrows last for 10 seconds before they expire.
* Select: Quit
Emulator Compatibility:
Works great in FCEUX, Nintendulator, Nestopia, VirtuaNES, QuickNES, Mednafen.

Now this deserves some respect! Let’s hope the development will go on! Also keep in mind there are various NES emulators for various systems, so you can play it almost everywhere!