NESICIDE is a Nintendo 8-bit IDE.

The intent of NESICIDE is to be able to start with absolutely nothing (well, maybe at least an idea!) and work your way through background tile development (playfields), foreground tile development (sprites), sounds (effects and music), stitching it together with some source code, and finally to generate a ROM.


Added Tile Editor that can be used to create tiles of sizes from 8×8, 8×16, up to 128×128. Tile Editor includes
many common “paint program” tools like: pencil tool, line tool, hollow/filled box tools, paint bucket tool,
selection-drag/copy/erase tool, rotate clockwise/counterclockwise tools, and flip horizontal/vertical tools. Tiles
that are big enough to contain multiple attribute-block segments (ie bigger than 16×16) will adjust the attributes
of any conflicting pixels whenever necessary. The full 16-color attribute table is available to paint with. The
only tool that behaves a bit differently in the “conflict resolution” is the selection-drag/copy/erase tool. Since
it is possible to select an arbitrary portion of the image it is thus *impossible* to resolve attribute conflicts from
moving this arbitrary chunk around the rest of the image. Thus, instead of the image adjusting to the selected region, the selected region adjusts to the local Attributes of the image. Attributes can be fixed with the familiar “paint attributes”
tool. Created tiles can be added to Graphics Banks items to be used in ROMs. Also, any created tiles, including any
loaded binary files (PNGs) can be used to paint any portion of any other tile by selecting the tile from the tile list
and drawing with it. I think I might rework how the tile-drawing works to make it tool-dependent, but for right now
the tile-drawing just lets you paint any-size rectangles of the tile at 8×8-pixel grid resolution.