Quote from roth:

This is a small game that I started not too long ago. It’s tic-tac-toe, but with a twist.

The computer is unbeatable by normal means of playing the game, so there are items, or power-ups if you’d rather call them that. There are extra turn, switch O tile to X tile, clear row, and clear column items that you can get. They are obtained individually depending on things that you have done in the game; three stalemates, two diagonal wins, two horizontal wins, and two vertical wins respectively. You can only have one of each item at a time.

Button A places your tile, and B activates the item you have selected. Use Select to choose which item to have selected. For the switch O to X item, you have to have the gameplay arrow over the O tile you wish to change when you push B. Of course, Start begins the game.

Since this is a demo build, being able to end the game is taken out, and it just keeps looping. In the final assembly, the game can be beaten by winning five games against the computer.

Anyway, I’m pleased with how this has turned out. There are a few little things I want to do to it, mostly cosmetic, but besides that, it’s pretty much done : ) It has been tested on hardware and works, so I’m VERY pleased about that! Here it is: http://robertlbryant.com/temp/ttxo.nes