Thom works on an unofficial port of Wizard of Wor for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Release notes:

Wizard of Wor WIP: Worrior and monster collision detection fully implemented (both worriors and monsters able to shoot and kill each other, with appropriate points rewarded.) There still is at least one lingering bug with the laser code. But for now, I need to optimize all the bounding box checking code to gain back much needed cycles as the game slows down when everybody is on screen and shooting. Can’t have that. Computer is playing blue.

And now, I need to take a break from new features, to drastically optimize the bounds checking code, as I am doing lots of multiplies and divides all over the code for ostensibly similar or same values. (at least I think), I need to do the calculations once, and just use them per frame, and that should free up more than enough cycles to finish the game play implementation.