blitter released his “Dithering Library” for Virtual Boy. It’s actually only interesting for coders, but considering Virtual Boy news are pretty seldom… here we go…

Release notes:

Hi all,

Just finished up documenting my latest developments in drawing directly to the framebuffer… looks like it’s ready for a first release.

I built this using GCC 4.4.2 and tested both on hardware and with a patched version of Mednafen 0.9.17-WIP. I’m releasing this under the GPL, hoping to encourage code sharing among our small (but growing) dev community

Basically the idea is that you set your desired level of brightness, row, column, and VB color, then call PutPixels with the amount of pixels to blit down the screen. Lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary. Haven’t run any benchmarks on this yet but it chugs along pretty zippily to me.

Take a look at columnBlitter.h for docs on what the various APIs do, and main.c for an example of how it is designed to be typically used.

Have fun!