atari2600land goes VirtualBoy!

GoSub and GoSub 2 are well known from the Atari 2600 – and now GoSub hits the VirtualBoy! Collect treasures with your underground boat in a maze!

Release notes:

In case you didn’t know, I’m working on GoSub, this time for the Virtual Boy. I’m going to make it 2MB, hopefully room for 32 mazes. I don’t know how to add sound, or flip the sprite so it’s facing the right way, but here it is so far. 17 mazes. To get a level select screen, press SELECT at the title screen, or start at level 1 by pressing START. You can play this using the RealityBoy emulator, or use FlashBoy. If you decide to use FlashBoy, tell me how it runs on it.