Insect Combat is an attempt to create a fighting game, only using insects instead of people.

Release notes:

OK, so my monthly visit to this game only took about one hour to implement and perfect instead of a couple. I have not tested it on real hardware yet, though. I’ll do that later and report back if I see anything that needs to be fixed. Anyway, I added fire breath for Panzer Dragonfly. Seems a little ridiculous, but let’s remember this isn’t really supposed to be based in reality. The year in the game is 2047, though, so dragonflies may be able to breathe fire by then if they hurry up and start mutating that trait. And they are, after all, “dragon”flies. Since this is the special move, you have to be near the foe to do this, just like all the other special moves. To do next is the last special move, Slaying Mantis’s head chomp.