Pandora news, straight from the source!


All good things come to an end
And I’m really sure the Pandora is a good thing.

Here are some updates for you. The guys following the boards or my twitter account will most probably know all of this already.

The Cases
The case moulds have been finished and samples were shipped. They will arrive on Monday and if all is okay, themass production of the cases can start immediately.
They can do about 1000 a day and chinese holidays do start on February 14th. Therefore, to be on the safe side, they will probably do 1000 cases and ship them to the assembly factory. Assembling and testing will take a while anyways, there will not be much time between the time when the first 1000 are finished and the next cases will be ready to ship.

The Boards
Another 1000 boards have been populated and are ready to be put into a case. Therefore, as soon as those 1000 cases do arrive, there’s no reason to wait for mass production already!

Let’s keep hoping all goes well!