Angband is a rogue-like game (similar to Nethack if you’re unfamiliar with it). This is the beta Angband 3.1.2v2 (latest), not the ‘stable’ branch.

Further release notes:

I used this versin because in both stable and latest branches, the SDL and X11 frontends were wonky, but GTK was working in both; in the stable branch, GTK has very limited features (no GUI configurable font sizes, tile picking, etc.) In the unstable branch, the GTK build lets you have GUI for these things, and supports the Adam Bolt (and other) tile sets (included.)

NOTE: For first upload, uses hyour home directory on NAND for saves, not SD card. Sorry about that, time is super tight right now, and I ran out. I’ll fix this later to write saves to SD!

On first run, I suggest goingto View -> Options -> Main Window and setting fonr to Mono 8 or 9 pixels, otherwise you’ll be missing some bits off the bottom of your screen.,0,0,0,26,94