Aquaria is a 2D sidescrolling action-adventure game, heavily focused on exploration and puzzle-solving, with non-linear gameplay (from Wikipedia). Ported to Pandora by lunixbochs.

Install instructions:

This release requires the files from a normal PC install of Aquaria to function. Include all the folders, like gfx, scripts, sfx – don’t just the stop after the “data” folder. It’s easiest if you just copy the whole app directly into appdata/aquaria.

On first launch (and on some PND updates), the launcher will take a moment to extract “overlay” data into your Aquaria appdata. This is necessary to make sure scripts and configs are up to date with the open source version.

Controls: Move with the left joystick nub, interact with the left shoulder button, and sing by pressing the right shoulder button.

Changes: fixed crash on OS 1.62