More news from the Pandora front!


As you probably already found out, there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland which caused chaos to the european air traffic. No flights are currently going to and from UK. As the boards in Dallas were already picked up last week, we hoped that they were already in UK, maybe sitting at the customs, when that all happened.

Well, unfortunately, that was not the case. They didn’t go on a direct flight from Dallas to UK, but were routed via some other airport in USA. And that’s where they are still waiting for the moment. I guess 1t shipments do not go the same routes a small packages 😉

UPS is currently rerouting their shipments, we don’t have an update yet when the boards will arrive, but I’m sure UPS is working as fast as possible to get it all sorted out. The production of the remaining boards is still going on, of course.

Next, onto the cases:

Since the volcanic eruption gave us some more time, we decided to tweak the cases some mor…. naaaah! Just kidding!

The first 1000 cases have been fully produced and will be painted black! Why? Heck, because it’s worth it!

Picture: Left: Unpainted; Right: Black Painted; Bottom: Ash Grey Painted