Daphne is an open source Laserdisk Arcade emulator.

Here are the instructions to make it work:

1.) In your appdata directory of the SD-Card, where Daphne is located, create a directory named daphne.
2.) In that directory create the folders “framefile” and “roms” (without quotes).
3.) Copy your zipped roms into the rom directory.
4.) Copy your framefiles into the framefile directory.
5.) Run the PND and select the rom and the framefile.
6.) You will be asked, if you want to have a scoreoverlay over your video. Choose if yes or no.
7.) You will be saked, if you want to stretch the video to fullscreen (800×480) or if you want to preserve the aspect ratio (640×480). Choose, if yes or no. (Scaling is done with Notaz SDL)
8.) Your game should run now.

Discuss about the port here.