Even more news!


Well, we also didn’t. But that was what happened.

The cases did arrive on Friday, not as expected today. While this usually is a good thing, we were shocked by the quality – just look at the pictures which float around at the boards and you’ll agree with us. The bad thing about timezones is: When Michael did get those cases, it was too late to call up the chinese factory to find out what went wrong.

So a lot of turbulences did happen at the boards – which was perfectly understandable. As said, we also were shocked.

However, it looks like this is another thing did learn: Injection mould samples will always look that bad if it’s just a bunch of them.

After recovering from the shock, we started to investigate and think about what just happened. To be honest I didn’t think this could possibly look like the final product. Come on, what kind of company would survive for 12 years if they produce cracked and cheap looking products to their customers. No, there HAD to be something we didn’t know.

Then some guys at the board who do work in injection moulding business did tell us a bit more. I also talked to some other guys via ICQ – and got the same replies from all of them: Doing a proper injection moulding run needs a lot of time. The machine has to heaten up completely (which usually needs a few hours) and the mould has to be aligned properly, which also does take some time. As this would mean the machine couldn’t be used for mass production at that time (which is a loss of money) they usually don’t let it heaten up completely.

As the plastic tends to keep sticking inside of the mould if not fully heated, they add a bit more grease. Otherwise, they’d have to manually remove the plastic which could damage the mould – and that’s definately not good.

Another thing was that they might’ve used recycled plastic for the samples. Why use the expensive plastic when it’s just samples that won’t be used at all anyways? That’s why there were discolorations and the case was looking greasy. As the finishing usually also isn’t applied, it looks scratched.

So as that did calm us down a bit, we had to wait until Fatihs friend could call up the factory today.

And guess what: I looks like this was EXACTLY the case. The samples were just meant to check if everything fits. The final mass production cases will be properly heated and cooled down and will get a nice finishing. This is what they did tell us.

As chinese holidays are nearing, you can surely think that a lot of their customers are currently trying to rush things, so they didn’t have much time at all to properly align the case.

So what should we say? We decided to GO for it! Let them do those cases – until we really do the mass production, we will never see a final case with proper finishing anyways!

Let’s hope they can produce as many cases as possible before their new year start!