GemRB (Game engine made with pre-Rendered Background) is a portable open-source implementation of Bioware’s Infinity Engine.

It was written to support pseudo-3D role playing games based on the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset (Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale series, Planescape: Torment). It should run on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, possibly other UNIX derivatives and more. It is licensed under the GPL.

Release notes:

I did not port this, I did not (initially) PND it, all I did was help save it, as version 0.6.3 is no longer on the File Archive, for reasons unknown. Even for the rescue, the real honor goes to FaeMinx, whom I thank very much! Took a while to get to the repo because redoing the PXML was a bit of a bitch (this site is very picky about comments). If you want this PND back, you can have it back. Just PM me on the boards.