Generic Collectible Card Game by Tommi Ronkainen and contributors is a multiplayer multiplatform implementation of a card game engine. The card game engine is designed to be of general purpose core for several modules each defining the game specific behavior. Players download a client for their platform and all modules of interest. After launching the client for one of the games, it connects to the central server of the game chosen. When connected, all aspects of the collecting, trading and playing are available to the player.

Here is a brief summary of features:

* Deck editor including import and export from/to a text file.
* Fast game play: bureaucracy not implemented (on purpose).
* 1-4 players.
* You can watch games while not playing yourself.
* Highly customizable: macros and scripting language included.
* Servers have a knowledge of several game formats (for example Type 1, Type 1.5, etc. in Mtg). Own game formats can be defined.
* Sell cards by determining a price and the number of cards for sale. Clients can see always the best offer.
* Easy trading: create your want list and the server helps you to find a trade.
* Sealed deck games.
* Export and import to/from existing deck formats.


– Update script functions
– Added auto update function.
– Added wt ( module
– Cosmetic changes.