Hatari is a very good emulator for ST and related machines (TT030, Falcon, etc, though ST support is its focus.) This is a full port of the emu, including hard drive support, etc.

Release notes:

Fresh for the new year, I thought I should get the latest Hatari ported and our pnd refreshed.

Still “START” button on the Pandora to bring up the config dialogs. (Default runs in windowed mode, but you can check ‘fullscreen’ off, or remap keys, or turn on various features etc etc. Its a great config system!)

(The previous build was back from August/Sept’s 2009 official Hatari release, but theres been some significant improvements released into the 1.4.0 a few months back. we’ve also improved the Pandora firmware since that build so porting is cleaner and easier.)

– did not add vsync yet; the Hatari codebase assumes SDL will do that for it; likewise, it uses software pixel doubling for low res fullscreening .. I should add vsync and hardware scaling to improve things a bit; let me know if you care 🙂

This version should run a little more accurately (some demos will work nicer), and faster (better audio, better for demos, and better handling of overscan if you turn on the ‘borders’ option in windowed mode.)

The pnd has been tweaked a little a well:
– does not imply any CPU speed, it’ll use whatever you’re set to; more friendly for overclocking and no buging you when run
– creates a virtual hard disk in your appdata (hdd_drive_c I think I called it) and mounts it as C: in the ST; if you have a problem booting games, make sure your ‘boot from hard drive’ is unchecked in the hard drive config panel)
– I’d suggest verifying your joystick is set up right; go to config, and map joystick to ‘keyboard’ and hit the d-pad buttons as directed

I’d recommend going to the config and specifying a default disk mount path to your rom path, so that every time you hit floppy -> Browse to pick a disk, it’ll open in the right place to save you navigating around your SD 🙂

I hope you enjoy it .. the ST rules!

Updated on the file archive here: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/pandora.cgi?0,0,0,0,72,61
Also available on my site: http://www.codejedi.com/pandora/hatari/Hatari140a.pnd
App store — someone else (craigix?) owns it, so I’ll have to bug him to refresh.