ZodTTD ported Franxis mame4all project over to Pandora and released a video of his port in action. Check out the video via the link below.


In two hours of work, I had MAME ported over from Franxis’ mame4all project on the GP2X handheld, over to Pandora. Full speed, full 44100Hz stereo sound, assembly cpu cores, no underclocking/tweaks needed for performance via MAME, and I used a battery-saving 500MHz CPU clockspeed. I could most certainly underclock the Pandora to save power with the majority of emulated games as well.

Things to keep in mind…I have a very early edition of the Pandora devkit, so I had to rotate and scale the framebuffer via software/code I’ve written. The release version of this port will not need this extra rotation, and therefor will run FASTER on the actual Pandora hardware.

I have interest in porting the most recent version of MAME over to Pandora, if the mame4all team decides not to. Right now mame4all is based on a v0.37 beta of MAME, and therefor the romset is a bit over 2000 games made up to the year 2001.