Master Control by Roger ‘Crionic’ Zoellner is a tool that allows you to use your Pandora as a HID device.


– Gui
Device and connection buttons are now functional
Enabling/disabling an input device will stop processing input events from that device
Enabling/disabling an output device will stop forwarding input events to that device
USB/Bluetooth buttons allows to use one connection at a time

It’s now possible to switch between full screen and window mode
In window mode only the major buttons are visible and input grabbing is stopped
In fullscreen all input is grabbed

– Bluetooth
This part has been completely revamped
On startup MC will automatically try to connect to the last known host (which is saved, when the app is closed)
On disconnects MC will try to reconnect, if the “Bluetooth” button is enabled. Current reconnect interval is set to 5 seconds

Some minor bugfixes

– Startup script
You will now get error messages, if something goes wrong
If gadgetfs fails to be initialized, MC will start without USB support

Reverted changes from v1.0.0.1