Meritous is an action-adventure dungeon crawl game. It’s homepage can be found here:

Hooka made a fast initial port, which is playable, and released it to the public.


Hey everybody, I decided that due to the fact that I really like Meritous and haven’t been playing it due to being so obsessed with my Pandora I’ve been slightly shunning my Wiz lately… So I made a quick port!

The good news is, I managed to get it fairly playable, the bad news is I had to cut back the sound channels to get it playable and therefore ALOT of the sounds just plain don’t play :S

I’m sorry to you guys for presenting a handicapped version, but I’m at a loss as to how to keep performance smooth while keeping the audio quality and channels up…

So, without further adieu here is the pnd and here is the source!

I’m fully willing to help anybody who wants to try and fix it up and I may get around to it eventually, but RACE! and some of my own original projects are taking priority atm… might be awhile before I look at it 😉